Well-known for her down to earth persona and willingness to say it how it is, Jennifer Lawrence was at her blunt best when she was interviewed for Spanish magazine Mujer Hoy at the end of November. The interview with the Spanish-language publication gave J-Law chance to discuss how her life has change and, although insisting that she is grateful for all her success, she still misses lots of the little things from her pre-fame years.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jen is still struggling to get used to fame

"My personal life is now ruined. I've had to create a new one and get used to this new life," the Oscar-winner complained. "It's hard and it takes time, but I'm sure I will get it. I'm just mourning my old life. I miss that. I don't want to forget what it's like going to a coffee shop and people looking at me like a normal person. A part of me can't get used to it and it makes me sad."

Coffee shops may be off the agenda now, but Lawrence did concede that she is getting used to her new life now, whether she wants to do so or not. She has managed to find some solace in her new life by comparing it to her Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen, who is currently lighting up cinema screen across the globe in the blockbuster second instalment of the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire.

She explained: "It is funny how she and I have made this trip together from the beginning. In the first movie they force her to wear make-up, wear dresses and people talk about things that she doesn't understand. I know exactly how she feels ... I experienced the same thing. This can be a very weird world, but after a while, you're not afraid anymore and you can handle it."

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is out in cinemas now.

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Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire
J-Law currently stars in the new Hunger Games