Jennifer Lawrence was Andy Cohen’s guest on Monday’s edition of ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and the actress’ appearance was full of interesting revelations. For instance J-Law admitted that she’s shared a smooch with Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth, off-screen!

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence has admitted to kissing Liam Hemsworth off-screen.

When asked by Cohen if she and Hemsworth had ever kissed when the cameras weren't rolling, Lawrence replied: “Liam and I grew up together. Liam's real hot. What would you have done?…Yeah, I have.”

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Then when Cohen said he'd pick Gale over Peeta any day, Lawrence added, "I did, at one point.” Another good kisser Lawrence has experience with is Bradley Cooper, but only on screen. Lawrence described the handsome actor as a "Fantastic kisser," and added that he does use tongues.

Lawrence also seemingly confirmed her romance with Coldplay singer Chris Martin earlier this year. "You and Chris Martin never really confirmed whether you were together or not?" Cohen asked. "We never did," Lawrence said. "Were you?" the host continued. "Come on!" she answered, laughing.

The actress also said that while she’s never smoked pot at an awards show, she did have some before one Oscars' ceremony (but she’s not revealing which one). “I saw my brother smoking out of a bong before one of the Oscars, won't say which," Lawrence revealed.

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"Did you take a little hit?" Cohen asked. "Um, yeah," she replied. "Was it when you won?" Cohen said. "I plead the fifth," the actress answered. Lawrence, who is a self-confessed ‘Real Housewives’ addict also shared that her housewife tag line would be, "If my stomach hurts too much from the night before, I will drink beer."