The Hunger Games are heading down that well trodden path – from book to film to London stage show. The Hunger Games “theatrical experience” is on track for Summer 2016, according to The Hollywood Reporter and will open in a purpose-built theatre near Wembley Stadium.

Jennifer Lawrence, Catching Fire
Jennifer Lawrence will not star in the new thing, unfortunately.

Lionsgate is developing the project with a Dutch media company, Imagine Nation and U.S.-based Triangular Entertainment, who will use innovative and immersive staging techniques to bring the dystopian story to the stage.

So we’re looking at a pretty impressive feat of engineering and entertainment here, but that’s about all the info the production company was willing to spill at the time, apart from the obligatory credits, which are as follows. Proceed to Google all relevant names or – more likely – skip the list altogether.

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The theatrical experience will be produced by award-winning Broadway producer and Imagine Nation co-founder Robin de Levita, legendary UK promoter Harvey Goldsmith, Triangular Entertainment’s Warren Adams, Brandon Victor Dixon of WalkRunFly Productions and entertainment executives Robert Harris and R&R Media’s Gary Ricci.

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So it's all in highly capable hands, presumably. For the majority of you Hunger Games fans out there, who will not get to see the completed thing, proceed to fangirl about Mockingjay - Part I.