A brand new animated poster for the Hunger Games was released online today, a year ahead of the release for the second instalment of the trilogy, 'Catching Fire'. 

The animated poster sees the original bird logo from the first film, burst into flames mirroring the image on the cover of the equivalent book. In homage to a key part of the narrative of both book and film, in the background behind the fiery bird there are faint spokes of a clock, which point to an integral aspect of the second film. Along with the poster, the tagline of the film was also released: "Every revolution begins with a spark." 

It seems somewhat premature to begin promotion for a film that isn't out for another 12 months, but this coincided with the announcement of a competition that will see 12 lucky fans on the official Facebook fan page appear in the closing credits of the movie, reports the Examiner. Filming for Catching Fire has reached Hawaii and is expected to be finished early in the new year. Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss Everdeen whose adventure escalates in the second film.