Jennifer Hudson wants a daughter "so bad".

The singer-and-actress - who has two-year-old son, David Jr, with fiance David Otunga - explained while she is desperate for a little girl, she is planning to wait before trying for another child.

She said: "I want a little girl so bad. And my son walks around saying, 'I want a sister.

"I want a little girl so bad! But not right now. Give it about three more years."

Despite her desire for a daughter, Jennifer admits David is the "sweetest thing" and has picked up both of his parents' trades, but prefers to switch them around.

She added in an interview with 'Access Hollywood': "He's always been such a good baby and he's just The Sweetest Thing. He's such a blessing. He's very advanced for his age, so he likes to talk a lot. He's a chatterbox.

"He loves to sing, he loves to wrestle. But he likes to wrestle mommy and sing to daddy!"

The Oscar-winning actress recently advised her 'Dreamgirls' co-star Beyonce Knowles to get as much sleep as she can while she gets used to being a new mother to week-old baby daughter Blue Ivy.

Jennifer said: "Girl, get your sleep! We talked about this when I had my munchkin. It goes so fast. She's going to look up and Blue is going to be six months. Next thing you know, she's going to be walking."