Jennifer Hudson is desperate to have a daughter.

The actress-and-singer - who is already the mother of four-year-old son David Otunga Jr. - admitted that she is eager to have a female child.

She said: ''It's always been my dream to have a boy first and then a little girl so he'd be the Big Brother... I want one so bad.''

Jennifer added that her desire for a daughter has only been spurred by David Jr, the son of World Wrestling Entertainment star David Otunga.

She revealed to Life & Style magazine: ''He says, 'Mummy, I want a baby sister,' every day. [I say], Give me another year or two.

''I used to say when David Jr. is four, but he's almost four now. So maybe [when he's] five or six, because this is coming too soon!''

Jennifer and David got engaged in 2008 after dating for several months.

She recently revealed that their child is excited about taking part in the upcoming wedding ceremony.

She said: ''My son won't have it any other way. He'll definitely be part of it. Maybe he'll even sing!''