Jennifer Hudson's son David is set to make his film debut in his mother's upcoming holiday movie musical Black Nativity.

The Oscar winner, who plays a single mum in the project - a retelling of the Nativity story with an entirely black cast, turned the set into a family affair by inviting her three-year-old kid with fiance David Otunga to make a cameo.

She tells USA Today, "He came to the set quite a bit, actually. He put himself in the film as one of the extras. He is a little industry baby. He sits in the director's chair and puts on the headphones."

And the Dreamgirls star admits she had a blast making the film, in which Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett play her parents.

She adds, "I love them so much. I looked up to them as a kid. And now that they are my mum and dad - that's too much."