Jennifer Hudson is in the news again, this time for her appearance at the People’s Choice Awards. Apparently Hudson didn’t have a very good time at the awards Tuesday night, and even threatened to leave at one point. The reason was rapper and former pal Lord Kraven, who also made an appearance. Hudson was not having it.

Jennifer Hudson, People's Choice Awards
The guestlist just wasn't working for Hudson.

According to RadarOnline, the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom star didn’t hesitate to make an ultimatum. "Jennifer loudly threatened 'Either he leaves or I leave,' and was waving her finger in the face of a security guard," a source told the website. The conflict soon moved outside of the main auditorium, with security attempting to escort the rapper out. At one point the conflict apparently got so heated that the police the Los Angeles Police Department were forced to intervene. When they did arrive at the scene however, the cops decided that the security officers had "acted in haste" and they offered to "escort the rapper back to the awards show."

Jennifer Hudson
The singer nearly had her former friend escorted out of the building.

After the show, Lord Kraven took to Facebook on Thursday to vent his frustration with Hudson, writing: 'OMG! I can't believe THIS! JENNIFER HUDSON, look what YOU HAVE CREATED! This is absolutely ridiculous! I am #Speechless!!! This headline is everywhere!! Ugh! #TimeToGROWUP #TIMEtoBEMature #TimeToGetOverYoursefl (sic),' the singer posted.

The drama reportedly started in 2012, when Lord Kraven appeared on HLN's Showbiz Tonight in April 2012 during the trial of the man charged with murdering Jennifer's 57-year-old mother Darnell Donnerson, 29-year-old brother Jason and seven-year-old nephew Julian.

'Before then Jennifer and Lord Kraven were close, but ever since then she has declared war against him,' Radar’s source said.