Never let it be said that Jennifer Hudson doesn’t treat her friends well. The actress made this Christmas really special for her assistant and good friend Walter Williams, by giving him the deed to a brand new home. Top that, Oprah.

Jennifer Hudson, Megafest 2013
Seems like Hudson was in a giving mood this Christmas.

The video shows Williams reacting ecstatically to the news, jumping up and down and hugging Hudson after she gives him the present – as anyone would, really. The Oscar-winning actress captioned the video, “My assistant Walter’s reaction when he found out I was buying him a house for Christmas!”

Jennifer Hudson, Black Nativity Premiere
Hudson hasn't left her friends behind in her rise to fame.

Possibly for security reasons, the location of Williams’ brand new home has not been released. Lest you think that Walter is just a member of Hudson’s staff however, the two have actually known each other since the sixth grade. They met in Hudson’s hometown of Chicago and have been friends ever since. Hudson apparently didn’t forget who her friends were after her meteoric rise to fame. She first came into prominence as the winner of American Idol. Her debut album won a Grammy, and she later received an Academy Award for her performance in 2006′s “Dreamgirls.”

Apparently plenty of people found the gesture endearing. As of press time, the video has over 22,000 likes, with comments praising the actress’ good deed. Get it? Deed? Never mind.

Jennifer Hudson, Soul Train Awards
The generous gift earned Hudson loads of praise from fans online.