Jennifer Hudson thanked her long term assistant Walter Williams with a truly life-changing present this Christmas: a house. The singer and actress secretly filmed Walter's reaction to the decadent gift and posted it on Instagram to delight her fans.

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson Gave Her Assistant & Friend A House For Christmas.

Funny videos are what makes the internet go round and all the better if that funny clip also shows someone bestowing a little joy in the world. "My assistant Walter's reaction when he found out I was buying him a house for Christmas!" Jennifer captioned the short clip which shows Walter screaming with disbelief then delight as he realises that what he has been given was not a prank.

He instantly drops what is presumably the deeds to his new property in surprise and lets out a squeal he'll probably be embarrassed by later. The awestruck assistant then jumps on Jennifer as she sits laughing on the sofa. After smothering his employer with a hug, he sits dumbstruck repeating "what?!" as the others in the room chortle with laughter.

Watch The Moment When Walter Williams Finds Out He Has Been Given A House:

However, Hudson is by far not only Williams' employer; their partnership goes back a long way. The two have been friends since they were students at Yale Elementary. "Walter and I have been friends since sixth grade," Hudson told The Advocate in 2011. "He's by far my closest friend," she added.

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No One Could Have Predicted Walter's Hilarious Reaction.

The 32-year-old star's example of immense generosity isn't an isolated incident. The Chicago-born diva recently turned a family tragedy into philanthropy when her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, were slain in a horrendous shooting in October 2008.

Despite being stricken with grief, the star and her sister, Julia, formed the Julian D. King Gift foundation with the intention of helping underprivileged children with school supplies, and send out gifts during the holiday season. In December, Hudson posted a video of a school gym packed with exciting presents for children, showing her strong instinct for sharing hasn't been diminished.

Jennifer Hudson Gods Love We Deliver
The Actress Is Passionate About Philanthropy After Her Family Tragedy.

According to the actress, it's her background that inspires her and allows her to inspire others. "Where I come from, it's always about negativity and who shot who," she said, via Variety. "But to show them and to tell them, 'Well, if I did it, I came from where you came from, you can do it too.' That is our goal."