There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a new American Idol judging panel lately – possibly one featuring Jennifer Hudson. After the departure of veteran Randy Jackson and the reported booting of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, a number of celebrities have been rumored as potential panelists. But a team of former Idol contestants would make sense for the show – at the very least, they would be more aware of the challenges the current contestants face each week.

There have been reports that both Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert have been approached to return to the show as judges, but, if Hudson really is in talks, as Vulture reports, that would mean that Fox is actually going ahead with the idea of a panel with former contestants. Obviously, the network is desperate to revamp the show, whose twelfth season by all standards failed in the ratings department. The final episode of Idol, during which Candice Glover was announced as the winner, was watched by just about half the audience of Idol’s pique years.

Then again, the whole story might be just a rouse, as many Idol rumours (such as the one about Enrique Iglesias coming on as a judge) have turned out to be bogus. Two things are certain though: Changes are coming and they will be massive.

Jennifer Hudson, Call Me Crazy PremiereKelly Clarkson, The Cosmopolitan
Hudson and Clarkson could team up on an all-alumni judging panel.

Idol isn't the only show planning a complete revamp of their judging panel though, as Simon Cowell's The X Factor is also having an over-haul by bringing Kelly Rowland and Paulino Rubio in place of LA Reid and Britney Spears; so expect new things next season!