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Affleck Slams Celeb Photographers

16th August 2006

BEN AFFLECK has hit out at the paparazzi for ambushing stars in a desperate quest to sell photos of celebrities and their offspring. The PEARL HARBOR star has eight-month-old daughter VIOLET with his wife...

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Affleck Shied Away From Media After Bennifer Madness

15th August 2006

BEN AFFLECK spent two years away from the media glare following the end of his relationship with JENNIFER LOPEZ, because he couldn't endure more negative press. Affleck appeared to be transformed from a serious actor...

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Affleck Adjusts To Fatherhood

15th August 2006

Oscar-winner BEN AFFLECK is thrilled with his latest starring role as dad to eight-month-old daughter VIOLET, because it's completely changed his life for the better. The 34-year-old star insists he is reveling in fatherhood...

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Man Killed On Garner And Foxx Movie

14th August 2006

JAMIE FOXX and JENNIFER GARNER's latest movie THE KINGDOM has been marred by tragedy after a young man was killed in a carting accident on set. Assistant propmaster NICK PAPAC, 25, was driving a motorised...

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Affleck Laughs Off 'Sick' Garner Reports

14th August 2006

LATEST: Hollywood star BEN AFFLECK has laughed off reports his wife JENNIFER GARNER collapsed on the set of her latest film, insisting she's in "spectacular" health. American magazine People last week (ends11AUG06) claimed the ALIAS...

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Garner Collapses

13th August 2006

Actress JENNIFER GARNER has been rushed to hospital after collapsing in the arid Arizona desert. The ALIAS star was filming for THE KINGDOM in soaring temperatures when the dry heat caused her to pass out....

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Affleck Dashes To Sick Garner's Side

11th August 2006

BEN AFFLECK jetted to Arizona to be with his ailing wife, JENNIFER GARNER, after the actress passed out in 110-degree Fahrenheit (43.3-degree Celsius) heat. New mum Garner was shooting new movie KINGDOM in Phoenix last...

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Affleck And Damon Babies Bond

10th August 2006

Best buddies BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON have introduced their baby daughters in the hope that their friendship will be passed down to the next generation. The GOOD WILL HUNTING Oscar winners met up in...

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Affleck Falls Foul Of Fans

1st August 2006

BEN AFFLECK angered fans at a baseball game on Sunday (30JUL06), when he attempted to catch a foul ball and interfered with the game. The PEARL HARBOR star and wife JENNIFER GARNER were at...

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Affleck And Garner Move To Boston

20th July 2006

BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER are relocating from Los Angeles to Boston, Massachusetts to raise their eight-month-old daughter VIOLET. The couple are returning to Affleck's home town in an attempt to remove themselves the entertainment...

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Aniston Beats Pitt And Jolie In All-american Poll

4th July 2006

JENNIFER ANISTON is still everyone's favourite All-American, according to an Independence Day (04JUL06) TV poll. Showbusiness news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT asked viewers to vote for their favourite red, white and blue superstars - and Aniston's...

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Sexy Guys Line Up For Tv Guide's Hot List

15th June 2006

LOST star DANIEL DAE KIM, JENNIFER GARNER's ex SCOTT FOLEY and GREY'S ANATOMY doctor ISAIAH WASHINGTON can all hold their heads high this summer (06), after finding themselves on US magazine TV Guide's Sexiest Men...

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Garner 'Steps Down' From Dallas Casting

2nd June 2006

JENNIFER GARNER reportedly turned down the role of PAMELA EWING in the forthcoming DALLAS movie, after discovering her husband BEN AFFLECK's ex-fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ had signed to star in the remake. The ALIAS beauty started...

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Affleck Rushed To Hospital

30th May 2006

GOOD WILL HUNTING star BEN AFFLECK spent his Memorial Day holiday yesterday (29MAY06), in hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, after developing serious migraine headaches. The actor's wife, ALIAS star JENNIFER GARNER, drove him to hospital...

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The Things They Say 2083

25th May 2006

"Hanging out with my baby (VIOLET) and my other baby, BEN." JENNIFER GARNER, on how she will spend her free time now that her TV show ALIAS has ended.

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Damon Planning Playdates With Affleck

22nd May 2006

Hollywood hunk MATT DAMON's wife LUCIANA hasn't even given birth to their daughter yet, and he's already planning playdates with pal BEN AFFLECK's daughter VIOLET. The OCEAN'S TWELVE star is awaiting the birth of his...

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Garner's Cooking Causes Chaos

18th May 2006

Hollywood star JENNIFER GARNER almost burned her Massachusetts home down recently, when she left a frying pan unattended. The ALIAS actress was cooking for her husband BEN AFFLECK and baby daughter VIOLET in their rented...

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The Things They Say 2044

17th May 2006

"I don't have the butt to go with it - it's all gone soft and kind of shaky. It's bad news." ALIAS star JENNIFER GARNER on trying to fit into her "good-butt" jeans after giving...

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Witherspoon, Garner And Tyson Tour New Orleans

9th May 2006

REESE WITHERSPOON, JENNIFER GARNER and CICELY TYSON have paid a visit New Orleans, Louisiana to draw attention to the plight of families trying to adjust to life in the city post-Hurricane Katrina. The city on...

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Garner Devastated By End Of Alias

25th April 2006

ALIAS star JENNIFER GARNER is devastated her hit TV show is ending after five seasons, because the character is such an integral part of her life. Garner, who plays superspy SYDNEY BRISTOW, is happy the...

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Garner Jumps Back Into Stunts

21st April 2006

Actress JENNIFER GARNER desperately missed doing stunt work while she was pregnant and was thrilled she had the chance to jump off a 10-story building last week (15APR06). The ALIAS star did quite a bit...

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Garner Dreading Alias Childbirth

12th April 2006

JENNIFER GARNER is terrified about her upcoming onscreen childbirth in ALIAS - even though she has been through labour for real. The actress, who gave birth to baby VIOLET last December (05), fears her on-screen...

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Garner Loses Baby Weight Slowly

22nd March 2006

New mum JENNIFER GARNER has turned her back on the extreme diets adopted by Tinseltown mothers in favour of healthy eating and a light exercise regime. The ALIAS star, who gave birth to husband BEN...

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Manson And Reeves Team Up

17th March 2006

Shock rocker MARILYN MASON will team with THE MATRIX star KEANU REEVES for new movie UP TO THE GROUND. Manson is also working on another film, PHANTASMAGORIA: THE VISIONS OF LEWIS CARROLL. Producers are also...

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Affleck And Garner Targeted By Burglars

9th March 2006

BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER's wedded bliss has been wrecked by a gang of burglars who have turned their Los Angeles neighbourhood into a crime zone. Police have warned the couple and their neighbours to...

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Garner Narrowly Adverted Disaster

9th March 2006

Actress JENNIFER GARNER was closer to falling on her face at Sunday night's (05MAR06) Oscar ceremony than she previously led viewers to believe. The ALIAS star skidded while heading toward the podium to present an...

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Johansson, Mcgregor And Garner Record Songs For Charity

15th February 2006

Actors SCARLETT JOHANSSON, EWAN McGREGOR and JENNIFER GARNER are singing on a new album to benefit the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra. UNEXPECTED DREAMS: SONGS FROM THE STARS will be released by Rhino Records on...

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Affleck Mocked For No-show

9th February 2006

Director MIKE BINGER mocked his star BEN AFFLECK for failing to attend the world premiere of their new film MAN ABOUT TOWN. Affleck plays a talent agent who discovers his wife is cheating on...

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Scarlett + Ewan Hit The High Notes On New Lullaby Album

27th January 2006

THE ISLAND stars SCARLETT JOHANSSON and EWAN McGREGOR have teamed up again to record adult-themed lullabies. The actors are among the celebrities who have recorded standards, with the backing of the LOS ANGELES PHILHARMONIC...

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Make-up Guru Teams Up With The Stars

26th January 2006

Celebrity make-up artist PAUL STARR is offering up cosmetics tips in a new book with a little help from famous friends including SCARLETT JOHANSSON and ANGELINA JOLIE. The stylist sat down to interview 30...

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