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You're missing a trick here. A Friends reunion would certainly see everyone back together, but why does the story have to revolve around them? If the show can wait a few more years, it can center of THEIR KIDS. Think of it: as of the reunion, they wouldn't have met and in the case of Emma, she won't remember Ben. So then we'll have Ben, Emma, Monica & Chandler's twins plus whoever comes out of Phoebe and even Joey's offspring (potential for lots of them considering Joey's past). I don't know about you, but I'd watch that.

Posted 10 months 1 week ago by Amanda Kozdron

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I somewhat disagree. While in real life, yes, they are on to new things, new projects... but there could still be 'Central Perk' as a meeting place (since none of them live in the building anymore... unless perhaps Phoebe and Mike sublet it...) - perhaps Central Perk is closing down and the 'gang' gets together there for one last latte - maybe toss in a Joey wedding or a celebration of him making his debut starring on Broadway. There ARE plausible options for 'one more show' - but not for an ongoing diatribe such as what SATC has attempted. The first movie was enough and perfect. SATC2 was purely gratuitous (and purely AWFUL!) At any rate... as long as there is great writing/storytelling, anything is possible! Life is ongoing... But it only works if everyone is on board.

Posted 1 year 2 weeks ago by loni

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