Jennifer Aniston used to poison herself with unhealthy food.

The clean-living actress - who recently revealed she detoxed for days after gorging on a hamburger - wasn't always so health-conscious and claims she used to treat her body like ''s**t''.

Speaking on French TV show '50 MN INSIDE' on TF1, she confessed: ''I used to eat like s**t, I didn't sleep. You overestimate yourself so much when you're young because we think we're invincible. I honestly didn't even drink water, only sodas, I just didn't take that good care of myself.''

Jennifer, 44, and her fiancé Justin Theroux, 42, have been plagued with wedding rumours since they first got together while filming 'Wanderlust' in 2010, and pregnancy speculation has only increased since the 'Friends' star announced her engagement to the actor.

Asked whether her friends frequently call her, excited she may be pregnant or about to marry, she replied: ''Yeah, that's happened. Even my family. They say, 'Did you go off and get married?' or 'Have you really had your 900th child?' or 'Are you planning a wedding party and you haven't invited me?' ''

Jennifer has come up with a fail safe way to avoid getting caught up in the media attention.

She said: ''[I have] a really great support group of friends and family back home. I surrounded myself with what's real.''