Jennifer Aniston really seems to have been getting in touch with her wild side during the filming and run-up to the release of her latest film 'Wanderlust.' The movie hits cinemas in the US this Friday and focuses on her and her partner - played by old pal Paul Rudd - who suddenly find themselves unemployed and living with a commune whose attitudes are more than a little liberal. As such Aniston's been getting into the spirit of things, telling E! of the racy nature of the film.

"There's no way you can sum this movie up," the actress said, "There are naked people, it's raunchy, it's raucous. There's a story in there of a couple forced out of their city...We [she and onscreen hubby Paul Rudd] take a detour to this commune and we just have a life-changing experience." It's already been widely reported that Aniston bared all only for it to be edited out, but the 43 year-old will still be showing plenty of flesh.

The star might've been doing more than just stripping for the role as well, with a scene reportedly involving her tripping on LSD. E! asked if the actress had any real life experience of the drug to fall back on. "I've actually never done LSD," came the reply "So, I don't know. I just kind of imagined every greatest fear I could have. Which is like, which is what happens. And it was shot...was that kinda trippy?" Chelsea Handler, who was interviewing her, has evidently indulged a little more however, admitting that she'd know how to act having taken it previously, and going on to describe the sensation as "great."