Jennifer Aniston features in a new viral video titled 'Jen Aniston's Sex Tape', which is taking the internet by storm.
Jennifer Aniston and 'Smart Water' have teamed up for a new viral ad campaign, cleverly titled 'Jen Aniston's Sex Tape'.In the new ad, the Friends star is joined by dozens of puppies and several dancing babies. The video begins with the YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill lip syncing to a song, before Aniston appears and cuts him off. She is then surrounded by a mass of golden retriever puppies. Shortly after, the actress is approached by a ginger haired man who tells her he's been "in love with her, like forever", to which she replies by kicking him in the groin and remarking, "Sorry. I've just been told that's worth about 100,000 hits". Later in the ad, a group of 'internet' geeks discuss naming the campaign 'Jen Aniston's Sex Tape' to create more exposure and the video ends with the actress drinking seductively from a water bottle before saying, "I love it".
Jennifer Aniston recently completed work on the upcoming comedy movie 'Wanderlust' about an urban couple who branch out to live a more counter-culture lifestyle. The film has been directed by David Wain and also stars PAUL RUDD.