Jennifer Aniston made headlines by revealing her unsightly cupping marks at the 'Call Me Crazy' premiere.

The 44-year-old brunette bombshell turned up to the big event in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (16.04.13) sporting a stunning black strapless playsuit, but people were more interested in the marks on her back from a recent round of acupuncture therapy.

The former 'Friends' star - who directed the 'Call Me Crazy' five-part film - is no stranger to the ancient Asian practice, which places heated cups on to the skin, in order to stimulate circulation.

Jennifer has over six years' experience of the stress reliever under her belt, but failed to conceal the bruises with foundation.

'Call Me Crazy' addresses the stigma of mental illness and features stars like Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Leo and Octavia Spencer.

Jennifer told E! News at the premiere: ''Mental illness seemed to be [a topic] that a lot of us felt was an important one and touched a lot of our lives, a lot of our families lives.

''That seemed like one that needed attention because all of the stigma around it and the sort of shame around it.''

'Call Me Crazy' premieres on Lifetime on April 20.