Jennifer Aniston's style rule is to always be comfortable.

Whether she is going casual for daytime or dressing up for events, the former 'Friends' star likes to feel comfortable in what she wears after some unfortunate fashion incidents in the past.

She said: ''Don't wear jeans that are so tight they make your tummy hurt. Don't wear heels that are so high you feel like you're going to fall over.

''Sexy is about being at ease in your body. There have been a few times when I've had to say to my girlfriends 'Could you please come and undo me so I can pee?' I mean literally it's like you have to have an engineering degree just to get into a flipping dress.''

When Jennifer finds an item of clothing that she loves, she will wear it over and over again.

She told People magazine: ''I really love my Tom Ford bag and my Stuart Weitzman wedges. I've worn them into the ground.''

Jennifer, 43, recently revealed her secret beauty tip is lots of sleep and water.

She said: ''My best tip is sleep. Honestly. Hydration drink a lot of water - and get your sleep.''