Jennifer Aniston used experiences from her twenties to play a stripper in her latest movie.

The actress was quizzed during a cringe-inducing interview with BBC Radio One's Chris Stark on whether she had visited strip clubs in places such as Prague or Amsterdam to research her role, but she insisted her wild days are behind her.

Laughing at the racy question, Jennifer said: ''That was in my twenties, it was all in my head. No this one you didn't have to dig that deep.''

The 44-year-old actress was impressed by the socially awkward reporter - whose embarrassing interview with Mila Kunis scored 11.5 million YouTube hits - as she likened him to actor Ryan Gosling after he revealed he had undergone a Hollywood makeover in preparation for the interview.

She quipped: ''You kind of have a little Ryan Gosling vibe. It's like an innocent very cute, but yet you know there is a lot more going on.''

Jennifer also laughed off questions as to whether she has a ''list'' of people her fiancé Justin Theroux would let her sleep with.

She said: '' No. We did that on an episode of 'Friends', we had a list.''

Jennifer was in London last night (14.08.13) for the UK premiere of 'We're the Millers'.