Jennifer Aniston has attempted to shed her squeaky clean image by insisting she has a crude sense of humour and likes to swear regularly. The Hollywood actress, currently dating screenwriter Justin Theroux, told OK Magazine she's not as well behaved as people make out.
The former 'Friends' star explained, "I'm not rude in front of people that I don't know, but I tell a dirty joke now and then - I'm not squeaky clean". The actress also discussed her penchant for swearing, saying, "I would have to say f*ck is my favourite curse word. That's a pretty good word". The actress, now 42, says she's happier than ever and is learning to accept herself after a string of failed romances with the likes of Vince Vaughn and John Mayer saying, "I think getting older you get more comfortable in your body, in your skin, who you are. And you feel you have more of a f*ck it attitude.I've learnt that none of it really matters as long as you're enjoying yourself and having a really good time". Aniston hit the headlines last month after her ex-husband Brad Pitt appeared to suggest he wasn't happy during their marriage. He later clarified the remarks, given during an interview with Parade Magazine, claiming he didn't intend for them to cause upset.
After selling her Beverley Hills mansion for a reported $42 million, Aniston recently moved to New York's West Village in September.