Jennifer Aniston has finally put to bed speculation she is constantly feuding with her ex-husband Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie. The Hollywood actress covers the March issue of InStyle magazine and answered a question on what the press most get wrong about her.
Aniston is often rumored to bear a huge grudge against Angelina after Brad hooked up with her following their work together on the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. However, when asked where the press get it most wrong, Jennifer said, "The triangle with my ex-husband - and that there's a feud there. It's constant. It's a story headline that won't go away, but it's a money thing". The actress added that people in the media make money off "a story that has nothing to do with reality". On a brighter subject, the actress says her relationship with new screenwriter beau Justin Theroux is still going strong and is enjoying a "joyful and peaceful" time in her life. Theroux was seen as a surprise choice of man for Aniston, given his punky-style, but the actress says that's what she likes most about the 40-year-old, saying, "First of all, he has great style - it's very specific and it has been his style forever".
After turns in 'Just Go With It' and 'Horrible Bosses' in 2011, Aniston is turning attention to her new movie Wanderlust, which also stars Theroux. The film follows a Manhattan couple who decide to experiment with rural living after suddenly being made unemployed from their city jobs. As for the filming the movie, Aniston says it was "one of the most idyllic film experiences I've ever had", and described the entire cast as "a family".