Jennifer Aniston's perfect weekend consists of a workout, massage and dinner with friends.

The actress enjoys the simple pleasures in life and nothing makes her happier than a relaxing weekend.

She said: ''My perfect weekend is a great workout and a massage. Plus sleeping in and getting together with a group of friends for a wonderful dinner. And I love winding down with '60 Minutes' and an early dinner on Sunday nights.''

Jennifer is renowned for her great figure and credits it to yoga and cardio workouts.

She told People magazine: ''I still do yoga because it gives me a beautiful, calming effect but I've also been doing circuit training. And I love these bands that you put around your ankles and your knees. It's amazing what they do for your butt and hips.''

The 43-year-old 'Friends' star recently got engaged to Justin Theroux and is delighted with the direction her life is taking.

Jennifer gushed: ''The biggest story right now is that I have a beautiful partner and a lot of joy. Every. Single. Day. I didn't know what I wanted for a ring. He just knows what I like. The proposal was one of the sneakiest jobs I've ever seen. I had no idea.''