Jennifer Aniston ''fell in love'' with a goat on the set of her new movie.

The 43-year-old actress bonded with the animal when shooting 'Wanderlust' - in which she plays one-half of a couple who turn their backs on their hectic New York lives to live in a hippy commune - and she particularly enjoyed milking the beast.

She said: ''When we were doing our screen test, I met that goat because I had never milked a goat in my life, isn't that weird? I've never milked a goat, I grew up in New York City, but I fell in love with our goat!''

Jennifer - who is dating actor Justin Theroux - could relate to her character as she loves taking a break from her regular life and career, but wouldn't want to ever live in a commune.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Daybreak', she added: ''Getting away is always something I love to do, of course, but the commune I think is a little extreme.''

Jennifer's co-star Paul Rudd jokingly claimed that part of the appeal of 'Wanderlust' appeal is the number of ''dangly bits'' on show.

He said: ''You can't have a commune without dangly bits. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times.''

Jennifer added: ''And you can't have too many.''