Jennifer Aniston is notoriously resentful of the intrusive nature of the press, so she isn’t going to enjoy this one bit, however the rumor mill is currently in overdrive about when and where she and her fiancée Justin Theroux might be getting married, with many expecting the event to be taking place any time now.

The Chicago Sun Times has been one of those publications trying to work out just what Aniston and Theroux’s plans are, with one source telling them to expect something intimate and – most importantly – private. “I’m hearing that it will truly be only a handful of Jen’s real inner circle and just a couple of family members,” the apparent insider told the paper. “I’m also hearing — and it’s no big surprise — that Justin’s younger brother, Sebastian, will be his best man.” Here’s something for you ladies and gay men too, “By the way, he’s as handsome — if not more so — as Justin himself.” How exciting!

Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars last month

Sources also seemed to have a good idea of where the wedding might take place, with Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, being mooted, or possibly Hawaii. “Given the time of year, I’m guessing they both will want to marry someplace that is warm and near or on a beach” the insider said. However, Aniston’s rep has flatly denied that she’ll be getting married in Hawaii, with the Daily Mirror reporting them saying "Those reports are just like the others. Complete fabrications." The guessing game goes on…