Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been doing too well in terms of movies lately, with her latest film, Wanderlust, grossing just $17.5 million domestically, but at least the woman is keeping fit, as the trailer for We’re the Millers clearly shows. In the film, Aniston plays a stripper and so it’s only natural that she’d show a bit (or a lot) of skin in the trailer. Everything is kept strictly PG, of course, but it’s enough to make most women out there wonder what it is that Aniston is doing to look that good.

Jennifer Aniston, SELF Magazine Event
Anniston leaves behind her clean-cut image for this one.

As for those not enthralled with the prospect of a nude Jennifer, or with the plot of the film itself, you might be interested to know that Jason Sudeikis co-stars with her in Millers. The actor recently appeared in his final episode of Saturday Night Live – as a full-time castmember, at least - but he’s obviously not short of career opportunities after leaving that show.

Jason Sudeikis, Epic Premiere
Clearly, Sudeikis is doing alright post-SNL.

We’re the Millers is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and due for release on August 9, right on time to become the next fun, but ultimately forgettable summer comedy. It also stars Emma Roberts and Will Poulter as the pretend couple’s pretend children. All in the name of comedy. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, you can check out the trailer below.