Jennifer Aniston "doesn't need a man".

The 'Switch' actress - who was previously married to Brad Pitt and has dated stars including John Mayer and Vince Vaughn - doesn't regret any of her relationships but would rather be independent than have to rely on someone else to make her happy.

She said: "I'm much better with big decisions than I am about where we go for dinner. I'm really self-sufficient and independent, sometimes to a fault, I would say. But I would rather be that than helpless.

"It was also survival in way, growing up. I never wanted to be the kind of woman who needed a man to fulfil me. They're wonderful. I've had wonderful males in my life, and I've had wonderful relationships in my life."

Although the 41-year-old star is currently single, she knows that when she does meet a new boyfriend, he would have to share her interests.

She said: "My perfect date would involve my new favourite TV show, 'Breaking Bad'. You sit there and order in food. You want that person you have Common like-mindedness with."

The former 'Friends' actress also spoke about her relationship with her parents - actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow - who separated when she was just nine years old, admitting she had little contact with her father even when they were still together.

She told USA Today: "My dad was non-existent and I had the traditional situation - my mom did it the unselfish way, in everyone's mind. He was just not there."