Jennifer Aniston is afraid of flying.

The 44-year-old actress gets anxious whenever she boards a plane and even downing alcoholic beverages before a flight doesn't ease her phobia.

Asked what her biggest fear is during an interview on UK chat show 'Lorraine', she confessed: ''Flying. You can't get a big enough drink and it doesn't help. I've actually gotten much better...''

The former 'Friends' star also admitted laughter is what makes her relationship with her fiancé Justin Theroux work.

Jennifer said: ''My fiancé makes me laugh a lot.''

The brunette revealed she is her friends' go-to girl for bringing people together and compared herself to an ''alchemist'' because she is so good at connecting her pals.

She explained: ''I'm really good at brining people together. I'm like an alchemist with people. I love introducing people to people I know.

''A girlfriend of mine said the other day she's met so many wonderful people [through me]. I'm lucky because I get to meet great people along the way.''

Jennifer stars as a stripper pretending to be a squeaky clean soccer mom in her new comedy 'We're the Millers', but she admits she was shocked when she visited a strip club in her twenties.

She said: ''I had a couple of moments where I visited a strip club. That was plenty ... You cannot understand!''