Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are hugely content together, that much we know, with an endless slew of news stories and quotes coming out from the pair suggesting as such. Now however it appears that Aniston is looking to the next stage and has reportedly claimed that she expects to be married by the end of this year. We hope that Theroux had similar intentions otherwise he's just very publicly found out that he and his partner are very much on different pages.

The UK's Daily Mirror reports that Aniston was at a party after attending the ceremony for her own Hollywood gold star on the Walk of Fame, where she was quoted by sources as describing Theroux as "The One" and adding "We're constantly laughing. Now we've got our new baby [six-month old boxer-pitbull cross Sophie] things are getting serious. We have new responsibilities. She's like a test run for kids, I guess... although hopefully kids are easier to house-train."

Continuing, she apparently added "Justin and I argue over who takes the dog out and who disciplines her, but that's about it. Things are fabulous, I'm happy," before dropping the bombshell "If he's not got down on one knee, or we're not married, by the end of the year, it's over!" A friend of the couple backed this up to the paper, stating "Jennifer has never been so happy romantically. She and Justin have discussed their long-term future and both agreed that they love the idea of settling down. The onus now is on Justin to pop the question."