Jennifer Aniston has announced she has finally quit smoking, but admits beating the habit has meant she has put on weight. The 43-year-old Horrible Bosses actress is a long time smoker and was often snapped indulging in a cigarette on set.
The actress vowed to "eventually quit smoking" in 2002, but it's taken almost ten years for her to stick to her word - she was reportedly smoking a pack a day as recently as last year. However, after denying pregnancy rumours to the UK's Hello Magazine, Aniston claims the extra weight is down to her quitting, saying, "It's just I quit smoking, so I've gained a couple of pounds". Beating the habit may also have something to do with new boyfriend Justin Theroux, who the actress has been seeing for several months. Despite reportedly moving in together, Jennifer claims there are no plans for a wedding, saying, "I am not planning to get married any time soon. This ring that I'm wearing is not an engagement ring.I've been married once and I don't know if I'll get married again, but I can tell you that as of this very moment, as of today, I have no plan to get married".
Her first husband, actor Brad Pitt, hit the headlines in September after suggesting during an interview with Parade Magazine that he was "trying to pretend" the marriage was something it wasn't.