Jennifer Aniston relished her time shooting Wanderlust in rural Georgia because nobody in the area recognised her.
The Friends actress, who began dating her co-star Justin Theroux after they met during work on the movie, enjoyed the slow pace of life as she filmed in the small city of Clarkesville, and the experience has made her consider a move to the country.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "Going to Clarkesville gave me a huge change - it was an eye opener. It was the greatest experience because I felt like I gained my anonymity back.
"When I got there I felt my body decompress and relax. I was like, 'God, I'm so paranoid and pent up'. The toxic clutter was just alleviated. It was a nice feeling and I took it home with me.
"You realise how paranoid and guarded and non-trusting (you become)... there was a sigh of relief to be able to walk around like a normal person and feel like I've got my anonymity back.
"I would love to move to the country. I think it's always good to have a place that's away."