Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk surprised fans of the Today show yesterday, when not only did they come out as a couple, but they also announced that Jenna is pregnant and expecting a baby at the end of August. Jenna works as an anchor for NBC’s Today show and Gosk is a foreign correspondent. The couple conducted an interview with People magazine, in which they announced their relationship and the impending arrival of their new baby.

“I’m actually pregnant. I’m quite pregnant actually,” said Wolfe. “My girlfriend, Stephanie Gosk, and I, who works here at NBC, we're expecting a baby girl at the end of August." The rights of LGBT citizens is a hot topic in the US right now, with campaigns both for and against marriage equality increasing on both sides of the argument. Wolfe appeared to be confident about the society into which she and Gosk would be bringing their child. “I don't want to bring my daughter into a world where I’m not comfortable telling everyone who I am and who her mother is,” the 39 year-old told Wolfe, whilst her girlfriend added “The beauty is that we live in a time where there’s no need for secrecy. This is a spectacular moment for us." The couple have said that they do intend to marry, but the baby is now their priority.

Together, the couple decided that Jenna would carry the baby and became pregnant via artificial insemination, via an anonymous donor. She revealed that she suffered terrible morning sickness: “There were days when all I could eat were Saltine crackers, Apple Jacks dry cereal and plain pasta. Let's just say I have a newfound respect for any woman anywhere who tells me they've experienced morning sickness." 

Jenna Wolfe
Jenna Wolfe: pregnant with her first child, she and partner Stephanie Gosk recently came out as a couple