Online video hosting site YouTube have announced plans for their first ever awards, celebrating the people and videos that make the site so popular and dominant in today's web world. Both categories and nominees are yet to be announced, with the promise of a nominee shortlist by the 17th October. Lady GaGa, Arcade Fire and Eminem have all been booked to perform at the November 3rd ceremony.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Will Perform Live At The Awards Show.

YouTube will emphasise the global nature and worldwide reach of its videos by interspersing high-profile music performances with clips taped in locations across the globe. "Our point is to celebrate YouTube's role in the music ecosystem," says Danielle Tiedt, the YouTube vice president of marketing. "If you think about how most of us encounter music, it's usually on YouTube, whether it's stars like Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance or her new Wrecking Ball video, or musicians like Lindsey [Stirling, violinist], who broke thanks to our site."

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