Porn star and entrepreneur Jenna Jameson has been flat on her back many a-time, but she could've found herself horizontal in an altogether more grave situation after being involved in what could've been a serious car accident recently.
Tmz reports that the 38 year-old adult entertainer was involved in a solo car accident after wrapping her car around a pole in the form of a traffic light post in the early hours of the morning. Thankfully she only sustained minor injuries - we're sure she's suffered worse on set - but more worryingly she was arrested after being suspected of driving under the influence, something that's looked upon extremely disparagingly in the States. The incident happened in Orange County, however Jameson has now reportedly been let out of custody and it seems unlikely that any charges have been pressed.
Jameson has come a long way in the adult entertainment industry having first started making porn films in 1993, allegedly as a way at getting back at a former boyfriend who was cheating on her. She has since gone on to earn multiple millions of dollars and is arguably the most successful porn star of all time; her own company ClubJenna earns her an estimated $30 million a year.