He played a huge part in bringing The Walking Dead to TV screens, and contributed to the best parts of the zombie drama; he wrote the screenplays for – and directed - The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption, and now he’s back on the small screen with a noir, period drama called Mob City. Boy, it’s nice to have you back, Frank.

Mob City Cast
Darbont's Mob City hits town tomorrow, December 4th, on TNT.

It’s no secret that Darabont’s exit from AMC’s The Walking Dead – their marquee show, despite owning Breaking Bad and Mad Men, with phenomenal viewing figures – damaged the show. Fans noticed a dip in quality, some more than others. This humble writer fell right out of love with it. So the news that Frank is back on the small screen – a trajectory he sees many actors making, for very good reasons – is very good indeed.

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