Veteran British author Jeffrey Archer has urged men to get checked for prostate cancer after a simple blood test saved his life.

The politician-turned-best-selling writer has revealed he was diagnosed with the disease and subsequently underwent surgery which left him infertile.

The treatment saved his life and the 74 year old was given the all-clear from cancer, and he is now urging other men to go to their doctor and ask for the prostate cancer test.

Speaking on U.K. Tv show Good Morning Britain, he says, "I would say to any man... over the age of 50... You should go and have this test... have this blood test... If I die in the next 10 to 15 years, it will not be of cancer... I say to the wives and their children - make dad go down and have the test. You could put 10 more years on his life...

"I don't want people to be frightened by this - I had an unpleasant fortnight (after the operation) and a month later I was back running again and... a test two weeks later saying I was all clear - so listen chaps (guys), for a fortnight it's unpleasant but it's worth it long term."