Scandal star Jeff Perry has launched a campaign to bring a real-life murder story to the big screen.

Perry was turned on to a script based on tragic Ron Moore's life by actor pal Cullen Douglas, and now he's trying to raise funds to make a film about his life.

Moore's son Aaron shot his mother and sister before turning the gun on himself in 1996.

Perry tells, "I didn't know of this occurrence, but it reverberates through dozens of occurrences you and I could recount from the last two years of newspapers.

"This is asking the question: how do humans ever find the ability to breathe again, live again and, in Ron's case, heal to the point of having a real life and hope and love?"

Moore was working with Douglas on a book about the tragedy, but the two decided his story would make a good movie.

Douglas, who will star in the film, worked with Perry to enlist his casting director wife Linda Lowy, as well as actors Elizabeth Perkins and KaDee Strickland for the movie.

However, money remains the biggest obstacle for the filmmakers, so they have turned to the fundraising website to raise $500,000 (Gbp330,300).