Jeff Goldblum agreed to take a trapeze class with his new Olympic gymnast girlfriend so the couple could get to know each other better.
The Jurassic Park star recently began dating rhythmic gymnast Emilie Livingston and Goldblum reveals he's smitten with his new love.
He gushes, "She's absolutely gorgeous (and) the coolest and most wonderful person I've ever met in my life. She was an Olympic gymnast for Team Canada in the Sydney (Australia) 2000 Olympics. She does the ribbon and ball routine. And since then she's been doing a Cirque de Soleil-type contortion thing and aerial thing."
And the actor decided to try his hand at her passion when they first started dating - and took an introductory flying trapeze course.
He says, "It was something. She was spectacular at it. I'm athletic, I'm fit and I consider myself courageous, but it was a little bit scary... As I'm getting up there, my legs are going a little jellified (sic) and I'm trying to sing songs to encourage myself but... you have to go up on a little rickety ladder... and they put you in a harness... and within 15 minutes you're up.
"They (the teachers) say, 'OK... you're gonna grab the thing (bar), you're gonna start swinging, then you're gonna take your legs and wrap them against the bar, you're gonna fall, hold on with your legs... and then you're gonna dismount with a full somersault, and fall on your back on this thing (cushion). Ready, go.'
"I didn't do well the first time".