Actor Vincent D'Onofrio is back on the force after leaving cop show Law & Order: Criminal Intent - he will replace Jeff Goldblum on the 10th season of the drama.
Goldblum stepped in to take over from D'Onofrio last year (10) when the actor retired his Detective Bobby Goren character and took time out to deal with a nervous exhaustion issue which was diagnosed five years ago.
But Goldblum's stint on the show was not a huge success and Law & Order creator DICk Wolf asked D'Onofrio to return.
He tells Usa Today, "I liked doing the show, but after working on it for so many years, I did need a break. I tried for a long time to get off it, but I didn't want to leave anybody in the lurch. DICk eventually figured out a way to segue me out."
And he's surprised he's back on the show so quickly: "I have so much respect for Jeff Goldblum that I thought it was going to fly. But it didn't work out as great as they thought it would."