Actor Jeff Bridges is urging Americans to remember those less fortunate this Thanksgiving by working to end childhood hunger.

As families in the U.S. gorge on pie and turkey on Thursday (22Nov12), the True Grit star insists up to 16 million kids won't have access to a good meal.

As a new spokesman for the No Kid Hungry charity, he is campaigning for more help to feed those in need of a meal.

In a column for industry publication Variety, Bridges writes, "Kids in America aren't hungry because we lack food. We have food in abundance. They aren't hungry because we lack food and nutrition programmes. We have programmes in place to feed kids in every state in America. Kids in America are hungry because they don't have access to the food and nutrition programmes that are there... And that's why the No Kid Hungry campaign works so well.

"The campaign connects kids who are struggling with hunger to the nutritious food they need, making sure they are signed up for free breakfast and reduced price lunches at school. It teaches their families to cook healthy on a budget and in the summertime, when school (meals) aren't around, the No Kid Hungry campaign makes sure parents know where to go to get a free meal for their children...

"My hope this Thanksgiving is that more people... will join me in my work with Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry Campaign. Ending childhood hunger in our country is possible. Doing it alone isn't."