Jeff Bridges turned his back on drugs for good after swapping mind-altering narcotics for meditation.
The actor has been open about his dalliances with cocaine and hallucinogenic LSD in his youth in the 1960s.
He famously quit smoking pot for his starring role in 1998's The Big Lebowski, but later admitted he struggled to keep up his clean-living when the film wrapped.
However, the Oscar winner insists his wild days are behind him now, and he prefers to get his highs from spirituality.
He tells Britain's Elle magazine, "When I was (in my) late teens or so I was a bit of a handful, but I didn't give my parents too much grief.
"(I was) exploring all the drugs. Those were the hippy days, it was all kind of new and fresh. Parents didn't know what to make of it.
"I tried coke, but didn't like the sham quality of it, all that phoniness. I did LSD and the psychedelics a little bit. It's one way to get enlightened, but you can pull a spiritual muscle doing that stuff. I learned what I had to learn and moved on. Now I meditate. That's what I do these days."