Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell took over a Toby Keith show to shoot live concert footage for their new movie CRAZY HEART.
The two musical movie stars play country singers in the film and one duet scene had to be filmed on a big stage - so director Scott Cooper booked them in for a slot between Montgomery Gentry and Keith on the country star's tour.
He reveals, "We had 10 minutes to shoot it. We asked Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry, who were playing at the Journal Pavilion in Albuquerque if I could piggy back in between their shows.
"We had five cameras and 12,000 people there who were coming to see the Toby Keith show, because I felt if I didn't have real people in the audience it would never have that vitality or that electricity. We didn't tell the audience, so once they came out on stage people went nuts.
"We thought it would be a great surprise if people discovered Colin in the role because he's a big star and, with that, comes a lot of publicity, so we wanted to keep it a secret but they had their phones taping it and it was on YouTube that night."