Don't let the DVD cover fool you. There are no bikini-clad romps at the beach in The Big Bad Swim, as the photo might suggest. Rather, this comedy-drama uses the strangest of settings -- adults learning to swim later in life -- to explore relationships among a group of disjointed Connecticuters.

Unlike with ensemble dramas like Magnolia, there's only lip service paid to connecting the stories here. While the class has about a dozen people in it, director Ishai Setton mainly focuses on two of the classmates: Amy (Paget Brewster), a teacher headed for divorce, and Jordan (Jess Weixler), an innocent-seeming girl who actually works as a casino dealer and stripper. Their lone connection: Jordan's brother is a student in Amy's class, which they put together later in the film. Swimming instructor Noah (Jeff Branson) also plays a role: He's a hunky guy that all the gals in the class adore, but he's morose and wants a dog.

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