Review of What If All The Rebels Died? Single by Jeepster

Review of Jeepter's album What If All The Rebels Died? released through Distile.

Jeepster What If All The Rebels Died? Single

A new indie-pop group from the US, these guys are going to need some introduction. They are a three-piece formed by Justin Goings and Kyle Marcelli (formerly of O! The Joy) who got together with singer Jonah Wells on moving to San Francisco. Jeepster was born and they headed off to a cabin in the woods in Lake Tahoe to record their debut album, What If All The Rebels Died?

The album is packed full of good old fashioned guitar based indie-pop coupled with some great off the wall lyrics. A Day In The Dark opens with a menacing drum beat and soft vocals with the odd mid track jam. There are definite nods to some of the old greats like Led Zeppelin and The Stones in some of the riffs but they have created a more pop sound with their vocals. Don't Go To Far and You Can't Stop repeat one or two lines of lyrics throughout the song to good effect, and vocally they stretch from falsetto screeches to harsh rock depending on the emotion of the track. Ex Oh is a brilliant example of those lyrics 'Paranoid Polaroid/ Purple Steve Pink Floyd/You've got a vision, it sits in the kitchen.' and the song is a real stand out track, as is Fiction Fiction with its scuzzy guitar and great hooks.

What If All The Rebels Died? is a strong debut from this three piece who seem to have already found their identity and have created a distinctive sound, well worth a listen.

Rating: 7/10

Robyn Burrows

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