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Die Hard Review

If I were teaching a film class at a college (a shuddering prospect, I know), Die Hard would be studied the way Citizen Kane and Potemkin are. It's a perfect action movie in every detail, the kind of movie that makes your summer memorable.

Unfortunately, star Bruce Willis, director John McTiernan and company couldn't duplicate the heart-pulling thrill of the first one with two increasingly mediocre sequels. Die Hard 2 and Die Hard: With a Vengeance suffered because of stuffing thrills and spills in every crevice, to the point where I expected the Road Runner to make a cameo. Everyone involved seemed to forget that simplicity made the original so riveting. There's one flawed New York City detective trapped in a skyscraper with only his wits and some firearms to stop a band of talented international terrorists.

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Leviathan Review

Cheesy underwater monster movie that, for some reason, I have a perverse enjoyment of. I won't try to explain or rationalize it.

The Fugitive Review

Very Good
I never "got" the fascination with this picture -- basically a big chase film with yet another wrongfully-accused guy on the wrong end of the law. But Harrison Ford is awfully good, as usual, looking genuinely frantic and haggard for the first time since, well, Frantic.

Tommy Lee Jones also has the role of his life. Fugitive mania still continues, spawning a sequel (U.S. Marshals) and a TV show reviving our hero's run (albeit, a show that only lasted one season). Go, Harrison, go!

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