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A Fine Madness Review

If you consider yourself a fan of Sean Connery, you might want to give A Fine Madness a pass. Connery is so hateful and downright mean in this film, it might sully your image of him permanently.

The "fine madness" of the title refers to Samson Shillitoe (Connery), a poet who's having trouble completing his next work. He's also a bit of a deadbeat: He can't keep a day job to save his life, he's months late on alimony payments and being chased by debt collectors, who he regularly beats up, invariably destroying the room he's in along the way. Oh, he cheats on his wife (Joanne Woodward), too. But she loves him so much she's willing to spend all her savings on, get this, psychoanalysis, so he can finish his poem.

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Breathless Review

It's fun on the run in this film, which most say launched the French New Wave with its spontaneous, rollercoaster ride across France. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg are boyfriend/girlfriend... and after he kills a policeman, it's obvious they're doomed. But how will it all come down? Jean-Luc Godard's panicked style here continues to inspire filmmakers today, and even if some of Breathless remains inaccessibly arty and obtuse, it's nonetheless a film of watershed importance.

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Paint Your Wagon Review

Having never seen the play or the film, I always figured Paint Your Wagon was about a plucky family of settlers who overcome incredible obstacles as they head across the great, wild west.

Boy, was I wrong. What with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood's singing, a whorehouse being built, a criminal tunnel being dug under "No Name Town," and a polygamous relationship among Marvin, Eastwood, and local honey Jean Seberg, Paint Your Wagon is so chock full of debauchery one might think Sam Peckinpah had been involved.

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Airport Review

With one grandiose entrance, Airport ushered in a genre of moviemaking that is still going strong -- the disaster movie. Filled with high-profile stars and backed by an enormous budget, Airport takes us through one harrowing night at Chicago's "Lincoln" airport, where a stowaway granny, a pregnant stewardess, a freak blizzard, duelling pilot-administrator brothers, various annoying wives... and one distraught passenger with a homemade bomb combine to create one wild ride. Too bad the "disaster" doesn't happen until 2 hours into the 2:15 movie. No matter -- Airport's unending sequels and spoofs are a testament that this film is a true piece of Americana, for good or for bad.
Jean Seberg

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