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Days And Nights Trailer

Elizabeth (Allison Janney), a young movie star is heading off to spend time with her family over Memorial Day in 1980s rural New England. She brings her partner, Peter (Christian Camargo) to meet her brother, Herb (William Hurt), her son, Eric (Ben Whishaw) and his girlfriend, Eva (Juliet Rylance, and the family doctor, Louis (Jean Reno). Throughout a whirlwind weekend, Stephen (Mark Rylance) tries to keep calm across the land where a majestic bald eagle is trying to raise its young, with the help of his wife, Alex (Katie Holmes). The dysfunctional family battle against each other as they struggle to find true happiness and unity before their personalities tear them apart for good.  

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Hector and the Search for Happiness Review


With an approach so saccharine that it makes Eat Pray Love look like an edgy thriller, this heartwarming meaning-of-life odyssey is so relentlessly schmalzy that it quickly annoys anyone with even a tiny spark of cynicism inside them. And the annoying thing is that the filmmakers might have got away with it if there was any depth to the constant flow of uplifting sloganeering.

It starts in London, where the psychiatrist Hector (Simon Pegg) has a perfect life with his cheeky girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike). But the misery of his patients is rubbing off on him, so he decides to go in search of the true meaning of happiness. He starts by heading to Shanghai, where he meets a stinking-rich businessman (Stellan Skarsgard) and a sexy young woman (Zhao Ming). But is happiness found in money or sex? Silly question. Moving on, he checks out knowledge and wisdom in Tibet with a monk (Togo Igawa), then charity and power in Africa with an old pal (Barry Atsma), a drug kingpin (Jean Reno) and a gang of heavily armed rebels. Finally, he heads to Los Angeles to explore nostalgia with his old flame Agnes (Toni Collette), who helps him track down an award-winning self-help author (Christopher Plummer) who's known as "the Einstein of happiness".

Based on the book by Francois Lelord, the film is assembled along an outline of Hector's discoveries along the road, so what he discovers is actually written across the screen. But none of it is remotely enlightening, so why is he travelling to China, Tibet and Africa to discover these cheesy aphorisms, which appear on trite motivational posters in every office in the Western world? In addition to the on-screen captions, there are animated segments from Hector's travel diary, which are clearly drawn by a professional artist, not this hapless goofball who can't even remember where his pen is.

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Hector And The Search For Happiness Trailer

Hector (Simon Pegg) is a top psychiatrist who may appear to have everything one needs in life; a comfortable salary, his beautiful girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike) and plenty of friends; but after spending day after day listening to people complain about being so unhappy, he's starting to lose faith in his own advice. Bored of his own routine life, he takes a break from counselling and decides to embark on a round the world trip to uncover the true meaning of happiness. Visiting foreign lands far and wide shows him just how different people's lives really are and far from learning whether or not happiness exists, he begins to discover a new way of thinking. His desperate partner is feeling less than joyful about his long absence, but will his return bring them a fresh dose of contentment? Or will he decide that happiness can't be found within his London home?

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Everything You Need To Know About Katie Holmes' New Movie

Katie Holmes Jean Reno Tom Cruise Allison Janney Cameron Diaz Ryan Reynolds Helen Mirren

As the former wife of one of Hollywood’s most prolific and instantly recognisable screen icons, it is to be expected that Katie Holmes marriage to Tom Cruise will define much of her career for many years to come. What’s more, despite starring in such well-known and successful films as Batman Begins, Go and Phone Booth, she remains most well-known for her role as Joey Potter in the long-running series Dawson’s Creek.

Katie Holmes Attends Met GalaKatie Holmes is attempting to re-establish herself as an actress.

The series, which details the lives of four teenagers through their growing pangs and adolescent tribulations ran for six seasons and 128 episodes, leaving Katie’s turn as the character Joey Potter left burned onto the minds of much of the American public. So far, efforts to distance herself from the role have been largely unsuccessful but an upcoming slew of films sees Katie making her most concerted effort to redefine herself as a talented and versatile actress.

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2013 Trophee des Arts Gala

Francois Cluzet, Carlos Ghosn and Jean Reno - 2013 Trophee des Arts Gala at 583 Park Avenue in New York City - New York, United States - Tuesday 19th November 2013

Francois Cluzet, Carlos Ghosn and Jean Reno
Jean Reno and Francois Cluzet
Francois Cluzet and Jean Reno
Francois Cluzet and Jean Reno
Narjiss Cluzet and Francois Cluzet

New York premiere of 'The Family'

Jean Reno - New York premiere of 'The Family' held at AMC Loews Lincoln Square - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 10th September 2013

Jean Reno
Jean Reno

New York premiere of 'The Family'

Jean Reno - New York premiere of 'The Family' - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 10th September 2013

IWC And Tribeca Film Festival Celebrate 'For The Love Of Cinema'

Jean Reno and Zofia Borucka - IWC And Tribeca Film Festival Celebrate 'For The Love Of Cinema' at Urban Zen - New York City, United States - Thursday 18th April 2013

Jean Reno

Tribeca Film Festival- Vanity Fair Party

Jean Reno and Guest - 2013 Tribeca Film Festival- Vanity Fair Party- Arrivals - New York City, NY, United States - Wednesday 17th April 2013

Katie Holmes and Pal Commute To Work on the Subway

Katie Holmes Jean Reno

It's nice to see Hollywood A-listers taking the subway, isn't it? We like that. So it was great to see Katie Holmes and a male companion putting on their warm coats this week and travelling into Broadway together. It's been a pretty rough year for the 33-year-old, though she smiled for photographers and went about her business as she made her way to prepare for a performance of her new play Dead Accounts.

In the black comedy, Katie portrays a Catholic woman named Lorna who takes care of her ailing parents. It's currently in previews and has an opening date on November 28, 2012. Wearing an oversized knitted sweater and skinny jeans, Holmes eschewed a private car, or even a cab, and chose to brave the chilly New York weather. She's already received a standing ovation for her role in the new play though still worries about the job at hand, "I have a hard time sleeping because I think about how serious this all is,' Katie told the New York Times of her role.I think about the cost of tickets. I think to myself: You better do a good job. People are paying a lot of money. You want to know your stuff," she recently told the New York Times. Dead Accounts marks the first time Holmes has appeared on Broadway since 2008, when she made her debut in a revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons.

Over in Hollywood, she'll next appear alongside Jean Reno and William Hurt in a modern retelling of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull. 

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Never Mind The Ruby Slippers - Judy Garland's Wizard Of Oz Dress Auctioned for $480,000

Judy Garland Steve McQueen Marilyn Monroe Julie Andrews Jean Reno Johnny Depp

The iconic dress worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz has been sold at auction for $480,000. The auction house Julien’s Auctions have revealed that the blue and white gingham pinafore fetched the staggering sum during a two-day auction of Hollywood memorabilia. It was the highest priced item in the auction, which attracted bids from across the globe. The auction ended on Saturday (November 10, 2012).

Other memorable items to have sold included Steve McQueen’s racing jacket, which went for $50,000. The purple skirt worn by Marilyn Monroe in River of No Return sold for a similar amount and the dress worn by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music brought in $38,400. All unarguably impressive figures, but not a patch on Judy Garland’s ‘Dorothy’ dress. Sunglasses were another popular item, fetching relatively high sums The shades worn by Jean Reno in Leon sold $8,320, whilst Johnny Depp’s glasses went for $3,250.

There’s no news on who’s purchased the items or what use they’re intended for. We think anyone walking down the street wearing Dorothy’s dress would look a little incongruous in this day and age. Though, if you had the sparkly red shoes to match and a tin man, a lion and scarecrow in your entourage, you could at least convince people that you were off to a fancy dress party. Steve McQueen’s biker jacket though? Well, on the right person, there will most likely never be a time when that just doesn’t look insanely cool.

Alex Cross - Trailer Trailer

Alex Cross is a homicide detective in Washington DC who comes across a series of gruesome and elaborate murders on duty. The victims look as if they've been tortured to death with a reasonable amount of skill, as if the perpetrator was an expert in inflicting pain. Cross deduces that their suspect is ex-military going by his techniques and it doesn't take long before he and the murderer, Michael 'The Butcher' Sullivan make contact. It is clear that Sullivan is deranged, believing that inflicting pain is his calling in life. In spite of any mental incapacities, however, Cross loses all sense of his own morality and indeed sanity when Sullivan targets and murders his beautiful wife on their anniversary and he sets out to track down this killer once and for all, though things do not appear as easy as he might've thought.

'Alex Cross' is the crime thriller adapted from the popular American novelist James Patterson's twelfth book on the character, 'Cross'. The movie's screenplay has been written by Marc Moss, who also wrote the previous Alex Cross-based movie 'Along Came a Spider', alongside Kerry Williamson in her writing debut. With a director like Rob Cohen ('The Fast and the Furious', 'xXx'), expect high-energy action and thrilling danger from this exciting upcoming flick set ton hit UK cinemas on November 30th 2012.

Starring: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Jean Reno, Giancarlo Esposito, Rachel Nichols, Edward Burns, John C. McGinley, Yara Shahidi, Chad Lindberg, Cicely Tyson, Carmen Ejogo, Stephanie Jacobsen and Ingo Rademacher

Margaret Review

Shot in 2005, Lonergan's film spent six years in legal and editorial limbo. It may be overlong, but it's a powerfully involving exploration of guilt and self-discovery. It's also packed with astonishingly complex characters and situations.

Lisa (Paquin) is a Manhattan teen living with her single mother Joan (Smith-Cameron), an actress starring in her breakout stage role while seeing a new man (Reno). One day Lisa distracts a bus driver (Ruffalo), who hits a woman (Janney) in the street, an accident that sends Lisa into a spiral of sublimated guilt, as she lashes out in different ways at a nice classmate (Gallagher), her teachers (Damon and Broderick) and mostly her mother. And she doesn't stop there, meddling in people's lives in her effort to achieve a sense of justice.

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22 Bullets [l'immortel] Review

As violent as this mob thriller is, it also has a terrific sense of its central characters, focussing on strong emotions and moral decisions. And even though it's overcomplicated, the result is a sleek and very classy.

Charly (Reno) retired from his job as a Marseilles mob boss to spend time with his family. But someone has it in for him, and after he survives being shot 22 times, Charly and a cop (Fois) start looking for who did it. Charly immediately turns to the other local bosses (Merad and Berry), childhood friends with whom he took a vow of loyalty. But soon all-out war breaks out between thugs on various sides, and the division of loyalty isn't as clear-cut as it should be.

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22 Bullets Trailer

After living a life of crime, Charly Mattei decides to leave his past behind him and devote his family. It's been over three years since his last offence and as far as Charly is concerned his previous bad ways are far behind him. All is set to change when a previous friend leave Charly for dead with 22 bullets in his body.

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