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Jean-michel Jarre Teams Up With Pet Shop Boys And Gary Numan For New Album

Jean-michel Jarre Pet Shop Boys Gary Numan

The Heart of Noise will also feature collaborations with Primal Scream, Julia Holter, Peaches, Yello, The Orb, film composer Hans Zimmer, and Cyndi Lauper.

The album, which is scheduled for release in May (16), is a tribute to Italian composer Luigi Russolo, who is considered the godfather of electronic music and experimental instruments.

"I've wanted to tell a story for a while regarding electronic music history and its legacy from my point of view and experience, from when I started to nowadays," Jarre explains in a statement obtained by WENN.

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Jean-michel Jarre Reflects On Paris Terror Attacks

Jean-michel Jarre

The electronic music pioneer, who is president of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC), has issued a statement about the atrocities, which cost over 120 people their lives.

"Once again, France has been the target of terrorist attacks that have hurt innocent civilians who were simply taking part in a concert, listening to music, watching a football game, or simply enjoying themselves at the terrace of restaurants," Jarre writes.

Many of those dead were attending an Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan theatre, which was stormed by terrorists, who opened fire and hurled hand grenades.

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Jean-Michel Jarre And M83 Open Up About Sensational 'Glory' Collaboration

Jean-michel Jarre M83

A legend in electronic music, Jean-michel Jarre is returning with a new album and has teamed up with fellow France-dweller Anthony Gonzalez from the band M83 in a brand new track entitled 'Glory' - a soaring anthem recorded for a recently released short film.

Jean-Michel Jarre at 2013 Cannes photocallJean-Michel Jarre teams up with M83 on new track 'Glory'

Jean-Michel Jarre's 'Glory' is an atmospheric crescendo of a track featuring gorgeous ambient vocals courtesy of Gonzalez, buzzing synths and heavy percussion. It melts together so wonderfully, you could almost describe it as a match made in musical heaven; Jarre's and Gonzalez's similar sensibilities proved exceedingly helpful. 'The demo was really strong right away', said the latter. 'It was very melodic, we both think that melody is the most important thing in music.'

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Jean-Michel Jarre Photocall

Jean-michel Jarre - Jean-Michel Jarre photocall Cannes France Sunday 27th January 2013

Jean-michel Jarre
Jean-michel Jarre
Jean-michel Jarre
Jean-michel Jarre
Jean-michel Jarre
Jean-michel Jarre

Jarre Sees No Future For Internet

Jean-michel Jarre

Jean-michel Jarre is convinced the internet will eventually disappear - because it has become a "brutal" marketplace which future generations will ignore.

The French synthpop pioneer is adamant the web has quickly transformed from an "anarchist dream" into a huge black market where a range of dangerous drugs can be easily purchased.

And he warns that the online phenomenon won't last - because younger generations will reject it as a "sham".

Jarre tells Uncut magazine, "Any drug sold on the internet (is dangerous). The internet being a drug of sorts, is a very effective way to sell other drugs. The sad thing about the net is the way that this anarchist dream has been turned so swiftly into the most brutal, cynical and intrusive marketing tool ever seen.

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Jarre's Nearly Naked Concert

Jean-michel Jarre

Keyboard wizard Jean-michel Jarre almost walked onstage at a concert half-naked, after forgetting to put his jeans on.
The French electronic star counts the gaffe as one of his most embarrassing experiences.
He tells Mojo magazine, "The last time I was embarrassed was recently. I was going on stage and I actually forgot my jeans. I was talking to someone backstage and it was time to go. I suddenly realised that I was just in these silly kind of sorts."

Jarre Repairs Rift With Father

Jean-michel Jarre

French performer Jean-michel Jarre and his father Maurice have repaired the rift that has kept them apart for more than half a century.
Maurice, now 82, left France for Hollywood to become a movie composer when 59-year-old Jean-Michel was just five years old - and the pair have had little contact until they were recently reconciled.
Jarre Jr. tells Mojo, "Things are getting better with my dad. It was pretty heavy for a while, but for the last two years things have got better between us. It sounds banal because it happens generation after generation, but I suppose we're just poor handicapped people trying to cope with the past."

Rampling's Romances To Be Exposed

Charlotte Rampling Bryan Southcombe Jean-michel Jarre

British actress Charlotte Rampling has been offered a $350,000 (GBP200,000) publishing deal to expose her colourful past in a sensational autobiography. The 60-year-old siren was approached by publishing house Bloomsbury, who are keen to get their hands on her memoirs. Rampling's book will focus on her troubled marriage with former husband Bryan Southcombe, before she dumped the actor in 1976 for French composer Jean-michel Jarre, who then repeatedly cheated on her with other women.

Turner Joins Andersen Celebrations

Tina Turner Olivia Newton-John Daniel Bedingfield Jean-michel Jarre

Tina Turner is set to give fans a special live performance on 2 April (05) at a special event marking beloved author HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON's 200th birthday.

The event will be held at Copenhagen, Denmark's national soccer stadium and will include performances by Olivia Newton-John, Daniel Bedingfield and Jean-michel Jarre.

Turner says of Andersen in a statement, "He is, so to speak, simply the best and one of the greatest storytellers ever."

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Olivia Helps To Celebrate Andersen's 200th Birthday

Olivia Newton-John Hans Christian Daniel Bedingfield Jean-michel Jarre

Olivia Newton-John is set to come out of semi-retirement to perform at a Danish concert celebrating the bicentennial of children's author Hans Christian ANDERSEN.

The singer will be one of several artists performing at the Copenhagen concert next month (APR05), which will take place in a soccer stadium on the anniversary of Andersen's 200th birthday.

Other performers will include British pop star Daniel Bedingfield and Jean-michel Jarre.

23/03/2005 21:35

Adjani Splits With Unfaithful Jarre

Isabelle Adjani Jean-michel Jarre Charlotte Rampling

French actress Isabelle Adjani has split with legendary music star Jean-michel Jarre after discovering he'd been cheating on her.

The OSCAR-nominated CAMILLE CLAUDEL star - who previously had a relationship and child with big screen hunk DANIEL DAY LEWIS - admits she misjudged Jarre to be a faithful lover, but has since discovered "incontrovertible proof" he was having an affair with another unnamed actress.

She says in a statement, "I'm leaving him. I believed in him and I was wrong."

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Jean-michel Jarre

Jean-michel Jarre Quick Links

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