Casey Kasem's health continues to decline, his family announced in a statement on Friday (6th June). Unfortunately, Kasem's family are warring over who should be in charge of his care. 

Kerri Kasem
Casey's daughter, Kerri, has released a statement about her father's health. 

Kasem has three children with his first wife, Linda Myers, who are all reportedly concerned about the treatment of their father by his second wife, of thirty years, Jean Kasem. A hearing at a Washington Court on Friday placed Kasem's care in the hands of his daughter and not his second wife. 

Kasem is currently hospitalised and he is suffering from an infected bed sore. The 82-year-old was diagnosed last year with Lewy body dementia and it was announced he was no longer able to speak. His family reportedly grew concerned Kasem was being mistreated and a number of legal hearings over the last month have addressed who should be responsible for his care. Prior to the hearing on Friday, Kasem's care was in the hands of his wife Jean although her right was temporarily suspended. Jean allegedly restricted her step-children's access to their father. Kasem's daughter, Kerri, went so far as to claim to THR that Jean had "tortured him." 

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The latest hearing on Friday in Washington, where Kasem is currently hospitalised, ruled that Kasem's daughter Kerri should be in charge of making any decisions regarding his medical care. The rest of Kasem's family, including his wife Jean, can visited him in hospital but at different times, according to Fox News. The separate times have been ordered by the judge and the children and their step-mother have been ordered not to speak to each other. Kerri, speaking to Billboard, hoped there would be a reconciliation between them. She said "I only hope that we can put our differences aside so when my dad opens his eyes and takes his last breath we're all there with him."

His family have issued a number of statements, keeping fans updated with Kasem's health. A recent statement on behalf of Kasem's daughter, Kerri, reads "Right now Casey Kasem's health is declining and [he] won't be with us much longer."

Kasem is best known for his radio work and is fondly recognised by children (of all ages) the world over for lending his voice to Shaggy in Scooby Doo for over three decades. 

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