Jean-Claude Van Damme is in talks to join the musclebound stars of THE EXPENDABLES for a sequel, according to the action man's longtime friend.
Sheldon Lettich, who wrote and directed Van Damme's 1991 hit Double Impact, insists the Belgian star will sign on for the movie - as long as Steven Seagal isn't involved in the project.
Lettich tells movie news website, "JC seems to be leaning towards appearing in the sequel, as far as I know... If Steven Seagal is not in the sequel. From what I’ve heard, Seagal won’t be (in it) because of... producer Avi Lerner, who had a few bad experiences with Steven."
The first action-packed Expendables movie, starring Stallone, Jason Statham, Eric Roberts and Dolph Lundgren was a hit last year (10).