Jay Z at the Lakers game

Jay Z seems bored despite the Lakers racking up an 105-96 win over Thunder

We had to go back and double check the score of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers match; as we thought, the Lakers took a high scoring game 105-96, but it didn't seem to excite the bevvy of celebrities who turned up at the weekend to witness it. Jay Z, Denzel Washington and Jack Nicholson were among the stars in attendance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to watch the game, and their expressions ranged from bored, to listless, to uninterested. Which are all quite similar to be honest. 

Jack Nicholson watches the Lakers

"All set plays and no early offense makes Jack a dull boy"

At least veteran actor Jack Nicholson looked animated; check him out above there, seemingly heckling Thunder's head coach Scott Brooks - it's a look we'd be terrified to turn around to face as well, so we don't blame Brooks for looking utterly spooked. Elsewhere though, you had Denzel Washington slouched in his seat looking like a grumpy child whose been forced to watch against his will, whilst Jay Z couldn't seem to keep his phone away, or his eyes on the match. 

Denzel Washington watches the Lakers

A distinctly unimpressed looking Denzel Washington

All of which was a surprise given that an inspired Kobe Bryant performance saw the Lakers overturn a one point deficit at the half to power away in the second, with Kobe topping the scoring tables with 21 points 14 assists and nine rebounds, according to ESPN. 

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